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 Sunday 4th December 2016 Sales Central - Your One-Stop Sales Shop

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Grant Hyman

Our Sydney-based Founder, CEO and author of the selling secrets manual, Grant Hyman, works with our Clients on all aspects of Sales performance enhancement.

Grant's writings have also been published widely in print and online as per the articles at the Library. Further, Grant has shared his expertise via written articles for various business audiences, in addition to having been a guest business speaker on radio, as well as successfully addressing various student groups (both MBA students and senior Secondary-School students) on aspects of business and sales.

Grant provides his expertise on a contract/project basis to organisations seeking to improve their revenues, margins and relevant processes and systems.

Some of Grant's individual in-field Sales achievements, in addition to local and national management roles -

•  IBM Gold Badge (the highest award available in the area of Grant's specialty).

•  Canon Australia - Top NATIONAL Divisional Rep of the Year 5 times in 6 consecutive sales years, in a team of 21 salespeople.

•  ACI-CS (at the time, Australia's biggest IBM reseller and IBM-based bureau) - the only rep NATIONALLY to consistently appear in the TOP 3 (out of a team of 29 salespeople) in both revenue AND profit percentages and the only sales rep to ever achieve the Non-Sales Best and Fairest award.

•  Director's Club in Network Marketing despite joining post-launch with no existing team (no-one else did it). Specifically, 14,500 people had joined ahead of Grant and yet he made it into the TOP 15 out of over 100,000 in less than 6 months. Grant did this by recruiting, motivating and leading by example, a team of 450 part-time distributors and producing 1st year retail sales in excess of $1,000,000 (average per sale value $37.50).

Grant has also been a Mentor in the NSW Government's Western Sydney Stepping Up Program. He currently writes for a popular online magazine and is available as a Speaker, whether your event is a Meeting, Incentive, Conference or Exhibition. Further, Grant has always tried to donate time to the community (including 4 years as a NSW Police Lay Visitor, 6 years as a Strata Chairman, member of the local community bank Founding Committee, an Executive Member of the local Chamber of Commerce and a JP since 1987). Grant is also in favour of sponsoring children in less fortunate countries and circumstances and is a Customer Service Volunteer at Doggie Rescue.

Clients have referred to Grant as "the Sales Guru", "the Sales Legend" and "our Sales Doctor". To see and hear Grant speaking with a live audience, click here and to see him speaking alone, please click here.


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We believe that it is impossible to be all things to all people, even in our own specific niche of sales performance improvement. Therefore we have a number of very skilled business friends whose services we employ as needed to successfully complete projects for clients.


Michael Terceiro

Michael runs TLC, a boutique law firm specialising in competition and consumer protection law. Previous to setting up TLC, Michael had 15 years cutting edge experience as a Director with the ACCC.

For more details see
Contact - (02) 8086 2005 or


Sue Davies

Sue runs a business that helps other businesses stand out in their marketplaces. Her company, ImPress Promotions provides the full range of promotional items, ranging from clothing to low-cost novelty items to branded products that proudly grace corporate desks.

For more details see
Contact - (02) 9456 4185 or


Brian Engert

Brian offers unique value to his clients in that he has been a traditional old-time (ink under the fingernails) printer and designer and yet is as fascinated by, and up to date with, the latest in browser and database technologies as any Generation Y geek. His understanding of colours, fonts, page sizes and sort and search realities rank him in the forefront of SEO’s and developers, whilst his knowledge of the printing realities in paper-based emulations of screen representations is further proof of his value!

For more details see
Contact - (02) 9456 5644 or


Paula Ruzek

Paula specialises in writing that focuses on the needs of the prospect and the benefits of using a company's products or services. She writes website content and also paper-based marketing material such as product brochures, case studies, company profile brochures, and product/service white papers. Paula is a highly skilled editor, re-writer and proofreader on just about any topic, has a strong background across the business field and has worked at The Age and BRW.

For more details see
Contact - (03) 9583 5884 or


Mark Giles

Mark has over 18 years of IT technical experience, commencing with the British Royal Navy and moving to International Service Engineer for Virtuality, pioneers of Immersive Virtual Reality. In 1994 Mark was seconded to Japan as Technical Sales Manager, managing the Kawasaki Motorcycle Training Simulator project (still being used today). After a 4 year stint in Tokyo, Mark moved to Sydney and in late 1998 saw an opportunity to form his own business in the niche area of IT management and the provision of quality custom-made PC’s. Now, Phrixus Technologies is a significant provider and site-manager of PC Workstations and Network Systems with Mark and his engineers holding significant standing with Microsoft, HP and other specialist suppliers.

For more details see
Contact - (02) 9457 6416 or

Vale Professor Michael Halliday

Mike Halliday passed away unexpectedly on 30th March 2008 - sad proof that the good die (too) young.

Thanks Mike for everything, we'll always remember you.

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